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greenDAO is an open source project to help Android developers working with data stored in SQLite. SQLite is an awesome embedded relational database. However, developing for it requires alot of additional work. Writing SQL and parsing query results are quite tedious tasks. greenDAO will do the work for you: it maps Java objects to database tables (often called ORM). This way you can store, update, delete, and query for Java objects using a simple object oriented API. Save time and focus on real problems!

greenDAO’s primary design goals

  • Maximum performance (probably the fastest ORM for Android)
  • Easy to use APIs
  • Highly optimized for Android
  • Minimal memory consumption
  • Small library size, focus on the essentials

Who is using greenDAO?

Several top Android apps rely on greenDAO. Several of those apps have over 10 million installs. This shows industry proven reliability. Have a look at current statistics for yourself at AppBrain.