Package de.greenrobot.dao

Interface Summary
CloseableListIterator A list iterator that needs to be closed (or the associated list) to free underlying resources like a database cursor.
IdentityScope Common interface for a identity scopes needed internally by greenDAO.
WhereCondition Internal interface to model WHERE conditions used in queries.

Class Summary
AbstractDao Base class for all DAOs: Implements entity operations like insert, load, delete, and query.
AbstractDaoMaster The master of dao will guide you: start dao sessions with the master.
AbstractDaoSession DaoSession gives you access to your DAOs, offers convenient persistence methods, and also serves as a session cache.
DaoConfig Internal class used by greenDAO.
DaoException Exception thrown when something goes wrong in the DAO/ORM layer.
DaoLog Internal greenDAO logger class.
DbUtils Database utils, for example to execute SQL scripts
DeleteQuery A repeatable query for deleting entities.
IdentityScopeLong The context for entity identities.
IdentityScopeObject The context for entity identities.
LazyList A thread-safe, unmodifiable list that reads entities once they are accessed from an underlying database cursor.
LongHashMap An minimalistic hash map optimized for long keys.
Property Meta data describing a property mapped to a database column; used to create WhereCondition object used by the query builder.
Query A repeatable query returning entities.
QueryBuilder Builds custom entity queries using constraints and parameters and without SQL (QueryBuilder creates SQL for you).
SqlUtils Helper class to create SQL statements as used by greenDAO internally.
TableStatements Helper class to create SQL statements for specific tables (used by greenDAO internally).
UnitTestDaoAccess Reserved for internal unit tests that want to access some non-public methods.

Enum Summary

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