greenDAO 1.1 Release

Since the 1.0 release of our Android ORM tool greenDAO, we saw activity growing. During the last four months we collected developer feedback and added our own experience with greenDAO. Version 1.1 does not come with big changes, but brings evolutionary new features and fixes:

  • DeleteQuery for bulk deletes
  • Entities may implement Java interfaces
  • Entities may extend a Java class
  • Added LIMIT and OFFSET support for QueryBuilder and Query
  • Convenience methods to add named relationships
  • SQL scripts are executed in a transaction by default
  • Fixed queries with special column names (SQL keywords)
  • Changed default names for to-many relations to end with “List”
  • ORDER BY uses LOCALIZED collation for strings by default

Please have a look at the Download/Source page on how to get the new greenDAO 1.1 release.

Update note for greenDAO 1.0 users: Simply exchange the jar files for your generator and Android project. You have to make trivial changes to your code if you use to-many relations using the default name (e.g. you did not call setName on the ToMany object in the generator project). Because to-many relations are resolved to lists, greenDAO 1.1 changed the default property name by appending “List” to the target entities type. For example, if you have a to-many relationship to an entity of class User, the getter changed from getUser to getUserList.

Does your app already use greenDAO? Have a look .

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