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Community Contributions

As of now, we didn’t accept any code contribution (pull requests) from the community. This is going to change in the near future. As a first step, we have released the greenrobot Contributor Agreement today. If you plan to make … Continue reading

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greenDAO 1.3 Release

Multithreading and Maven/Gradle support are the two major themes of greenDAO 1.3. If you are using greenDAO from multiple threads, you are highly advised to upgrade to the latest version of greenDAO to prevent deadlocks. Fixing these issues led to … Continue reading

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greenDAO 1.2 Release

greenDAO V1.2.0 comes with new features and an important bug fix. We recommend everyone to upgrade. Download here. New features and fixes in V1.2.0: Limited support of String PKs (no relations using String FKs yet) Fixed index creation (please update … Continue reading

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greenDAO 1.1 Release

Since the 1.0 release of our Android ORM tool greenDAO, we saw greenDAOs’ community activity growing. During the last four months we collected developer feedback and added our own experience with greenDAO. Version 1.1 does not come with big changes, … Continue reading

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SQL Performance in Android 4.0

With today’s advent of the Android 4.0.3 image for the Nexus S, we did some performance measurements. We wanted to test how Android 4.0 influences the speed of SQL/ORM operations in comparison to the previous version 2.3 on the same … Continue reading

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greenDAO 1.0 Open Source Release

Today, we are happy to announce version 1.0 of greenDAO, which is also the first open source release. With this release, we think greenDAO is ready for a wide developer audience. The preview versions of greenDAO proved to be stable … Continue reading

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Current performance figures

greenDAO is designed for high performance. So let’s have a look at the latest performance results using a standard Nexus S for the upcoming 1.0 release: Compared to the last preview release, loading entities was significantly improved. Especially loading for … Continue reading

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Query builder and lazy loading lists

Today we release a new release of greenDAO with two new major features: a builder for queries, and result lists that load data on the go. The new QueryBuilder class lets you build custom queries for your entities. Before we … Continue reading

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greenDAO 2nd Preview

Eight days after the public launch of greenDAO, we are releasing the next preview version of our ORM Mapper for Android. This version brings quite a few new features: DaoSession: A concept similar to a Hibernate Session or the persistence context of JPA’s … Continue reading

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greenDAO Public Release

Today, we release greenDAO to the public. greenDAO is an ORM tool for Android that maps Java objects to SQLite database tables. It does that pretty quick and offers a nice and clean object oriented API for Android developers. With … Continue reading

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